What we offer

We offer training venues that are safe and securely fenced in. We have the sole mandate for dog training on the properties. Everyone has to comply with our strict safety protocols providing clients and trainers peace of mind knowing that their dogs and families are not at risk.

You and your canine will be training with qualified and registered professionals.

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Group classes

GoodPet Timetable for Durban North and Glenwood

JOIN US NOW! Durban North classes are on Thursdays. | Glenwood classes are on Saturdays.

45-Minute Group Classes available in Durban North & Glenwood.

Puppy PreSchool Open Course

Create a healthy foundation for a healthy, balanced, adult dog by learning together how to navigate life.

Pups can start training who are between 9 and 14 weeks old at their first lesson.

This Course, presented by Mari Borain, includes an Orientation, training with music, spacial and textural stimulation, TTouch work, socialization sessions, and much more.

NEW COURSE starting soon! For more details, visit our Facebook page.

Puppy Open Class

Foundational training for pups from 9 weeks old to 16 weeks old at start

Advanced Obedience

For the advanced pupil who wishes to work on specific skill-sets.

🌟VIP Status🌟

From your 5th package you qualify for VIP status and will get all future training at a reduced rate.

Playgroup / Open Social Class

A social class where GoodPet clients learn good park etiquette. Sessions vary according to attendees – sometimes it is all play: fun, water, balls, high-speed chases…other times it is on-leashes, or lots of time-outs, or practising quiet sitting.

Private lessons

At your home

Successfully customize lessons to suit your unique situation while working in the privacy of  your own home. This is ideal for families who wish to train with their children.

At our venue

A focused 30-minute session to deal with specific problems or general obedience for the less social or more stressful dog.

Customized Packages

We cater to the individual and will create custom training packages that suit your needs.

Behavioural consultations – deals with in-depth behavioural problems

Available for all companion animals that is displaying aggressive behaviours or stress-related behaviours. You want to get a qualified Animal Behaviourist on board to help you with these – not a “Trainer”.

Professional assessments for legal or medical purposes

Including a detailed report on request for use in court, for vets, etc.

Our Animal Behaviourists have been called upon many a time to help with domestic incidences – helping parties come to amicable resolutions, and providing crucial evidence in legal proceedings.

Eventing: Pet-related

Animal-Related Workshops / Seminars and Kids Workshops

Professionals are invited to share their knowledge and expertise with the general public

Puppy and pooch parties

Fun get-togethers for GoodPet clients – especially Halloween, where it is “NO TRICKS ONLY TREATS”!


Discounts are available throughout the year on our services. Be sure to check which applies to you.

Terms and Conditions apply and bookings are subject to approval.


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