Puppy Socializing & Obedience Course

Dog Training for CLEVER pups…

GoodPet Durban Puppy Socialisation and obedience course

2020 Autumn Puppy Socializing & Obedience Cours

Cost: R 1,499.00 per dog

Puppy schooling for the serious student in the Durban Metro area.

Create a healthy foundation for a healthy, balanced, adult dog by learning together how to navigate life.

Pups can start training who are between 9 and 14 weeks old at their first lesson.

This Course, presented by Mari Borain, includes an Orientation, training with music, spacial and textural stimulation, TTouch work, socialization sessions, and much more.

Age Limit:
In the GoodPet Puppy Socializing & Obedience Course, only puppies between 9 and 14 weeks old at their first lesson can join this Course. For older Pups, you would want to join the Junior/Adult Etiquette Course

🌟 All breeds welcome 🌟

You and your puppy will be training at the Holy Family College in GLENWOOD on Saturdays with GoodPet.

We have a secure, fenced-in, venue with security on the property. There are specific rules in place for the venue: cleaning up after your dog, no driving around on the property, only people booked in at GoodPet may attend. No unsupervised children (more on the Booking Form).

This course comprises:
1 Compulsory Orientation (A PowerPoint presentation and discussion without your dog of approximately 90 minutes)
7 Practical Lessons (45 min to an hour)
Puppy Manual of over 60 pages (Value is R 120.00)
Access to GoodPet Dropbox resources (Articles, Pictograms, Newspaper clippings, Videos, etc.)
🌟 PLUS 1 x FREE Dewormer
🌟 PLUS 2 FREE 🌟 Playgroup Sessions in the Pooch Playgroup

• Full Enrollment – 2 weeks prior to start date.

LIMITED SPACE – First Come First Served

See our Booking Requirements

Book NOW! Request your Booking Form and/or more information via email – Quote your reference GOOD-PC: Socializing & Obedience Course More Info request in your email SUBJECT and please send your questions.

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