Zen Relaxation Class

When you have a dog that is anxious and insecure, you don’t want to go to a dog school with him because it is way too stressful, right? You want to be in an environment where nobody will look at you askance when your dog ‘makes a scene’ because he just noticed a shadow you didn’t see , starts panic-stricken barking, or cowers in fear for no apparent reason, right? But where do you find something like that?

GoodPet offers the Zen Relaxation class. A gentle relaxation and Behaviour Modification class where nobody has to learn anything other than to be calm. Is that all? Yes. Nothing else. Just learn to be calm… And pooch will learn to trust you as their guardian because you are able to respect their individuality and accommodate their needs.

At the GoodPet Zen Relaxation Class we don’t want to work on a good ‘heal position’, or a ‘loose leash’, or a speedy ‘recall’… That’s not what this class is about. Here, we only want to help you both to learn that it is possible to learn at a relaxed pace what is safe and where is safe.

Science has come a long way in helping animal behaviourists transform scary, anxious, nervous dogs into peaceful and controlled dogs who can enjoy their environments once their fears and anxieties have been subdued. Mari Borain takes pride in her success rate with working with dogs with nervous and aggressive predispositions and invites you to join the GoodPet Zen Relaxation class today.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you learn how to accomplish a great deal with minimal effort.

“If nothing is done, then all will be well.” Tao Te Ching

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