Durban-based seminars in the making

Working together for a healthier animal community

Do you live in the Durban Metropolitan area? Would you and your fur friends like to join us for a day, or even a weekend, of fun and learning? We love to host seminars / workshops / weekend getaways for our animal lover community and would love your participation.

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TAKE a short SURVEY to help us

Take the survey and if you have any  recommendations for presenters that you are familiar with please do not hesitate to let us know.

Send your ideas to any of the following:



Are you a specialist in an animal related area?

Collaborate with GoodPet and help spread the love! Contact us to discuss the way forward.


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Dog Training Success in Durban

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Photo links to special

MARCH: Early Bird Specials – You got to run to catch these while they’re HOT!

Puppy School

Do you want your puppy to do the basics? Are you a first-time puppy owner? How do you get your puppy to listen? Well, come and join our Puppy School so we can help you and your new fur-baby get the best advice and help you set a solid foundation with positive reinforcement tools. See our Puppy School Special.

Obedience classes: Group classes and Private lessons

So, you took your puppy to puppy school and thought that was all the dog training you needed to do? And now you have your hands full with a little rascal who does exactly what he wants? Well, come and join our obedience classes in Durban, or sign up for Private lessons.

Qualified Animal Behaviourist

Your dog changed overnight. He has bitten the gardener; he growls at strangers at the park; he put your other pet in stitches… New baby on the way? You need an animal behaviourist. Fortunately for you, we have a qualified animal behaviourist on board who can do an assessment and help you formulate a strategy to overcome or manage the problems you are experiencing and pave the way to success.

For all your dog training and behaviour modification needs, do not hesitate to contact GoodPet.

GoodPet. Force-free ONLY. What else?

We are training in Durban North on Thursdays between 4 pm and 7 pm. Please inquire for your specific age group.

NEW offer:

GROUP Private Lessons – save money for you and your friends! See more

Ask about our Wellness Packages for Private Lesson clients. Ladies only.

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GoodPet South Africa

GoodPet’s emphasis is on developing relationships between animals and their humans, who are taught to interact with their pets at all levels, from education to recreation

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