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GoodPet’s emphasis is on developing relationships between animals and their humans, who are taught to interact with their pets at all levels, from education to recreation.

GoodPet helps your dogs and cats and birds with behaviour problems

We offer the services of certified professionals and Mari Borain, owner and primary Animal Behaviour Consultant and trainer, comes highly recommended by veterinary professionals.

We are staying safe

GoodPet dog training is looking a little different right now, thanks to #COVID19. We are only doing Private Lessons and Telephonic Pet Consultations.
Practice #SocialDistancing – stay safe #FlattenTheCurve

GoodPet Helps You and Your Family Stay Safe While Training Your Dogs

GoodPet's statement regarding dog training offered in a and around Durban area during the covid-19 pandemic

We will not put you or your family in harm’s way and we trust you will reciprocate by not booking any service if you know that you, a family member, or any animals on your property, have contracted a contagious disease of any kind. #SafetyFirst #covid-19 #zoonoses

Start Clicker training

At GoodPet we accept all breeds and ages.

Your dog, cat, or bird training will be personalised based on your family’s needs and only using scientifically proven methods — ALWAYS Force-Free.

Heart shaped hands focus on puppy dog

Dog training is currently limited to Private Lessons. Training is available for dogs from 9 weeks old pups to seniors. Go to the Private lesson page for an overview and drop us an email or call the office for help.

We are able to train in safe areas within the Durban Metropolitan.

As safety is a main concern in all our endeavours, there are a few non-negotiables and a safe neighbourhood at the training venue is one of those.

We do have a booking process in place for all our services to ensure the safety of all people and animals we are in contact with. Please have a look at our Booking Requirements.

Helpful training tips links

Please visit our Training Tips section to see what you can implement at home.



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We love to talk

Call GoodPet now to book your pet consultation for either your dog, cat, or bird

To speak to somebody about your specific situation, feel free to have a look at our Contact page for our contact details.

Terms and Conditions apply and bookings are subject to approval.






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