Booking requirements

Are you considering enrolling with GoodPet for the first time? Or do you need to get an Animal Behaviourist to attend to a behaviour problem with your dog, cat, or bird?

This page will run through the requirements to book any of the GoodPet services. It is a simple process – 3 steps really.

  1. Send required documentation (see below);
  2. We verify that your animal is up to date with vaccinations and parasite control and that the GoodPet Terms & Conditions have been met;
  3. You make payment and you are booked in for your selected package…

…and then we start a life-long journey with you and your family. 😍

Here is a quick outline of what will be required:

Booking requirements

To ensure the health and safety of all dogs in our classes we require proof of De-worming, Flea AND Tick treatment along with your completed Booking Forms and full Vet Book Copy.

Paperwork required:

a) Completed and signed Booking Forms (request via emailplease be sure to stipulate Class, Private, or Behaviour as well as the age of the pet(s) you are booking for)
b) Your Dog’s Full Vet Book Copy (Full page copies of ALL PAGES incl. the Front & Back Page)
c) Receipt for flea AND tick treatment
d) Receipt for de-worming (up-to-date within 3 months)
e) Proof Of Payment
Microchip details to be supplied as well for your pet’s profile. We recommend getting your pet chipped if you have not done so already.

Other dogs on the property?

For Private Lessons or Behaviour Consults, vet book copies and parasite treatment receipts are required for all animals on the property that a Trainer or Behaviourist will be in contact with.

Safety precautions at your home:

For Private Lessons and Behaviour Consults, the venue must be in a suitably safe area and parking off the street (preferably behind gates) must be available for the duration of the Consult/Lessons.

Cut-off for bookings:

Bookings are to be complete x amount of days BEFORE your first lesson:

Class/Package Cut-off period
Classes at our venues 3 Working Days
Private Lessons 5 Working Days
Behaviour Consultations 3 Working Days

Please note that GoodPet is closed on Mondays so that Sat-Mon are not counted as ‘working days’.

This means, for our group classes and private lessons at our venues:

  • book by Wednesday for Tuesday classes in Durban North
  • book by Friday for Thursday classes in Durban North
  • book by Wednesday for Saturday classes in Glenwood

Head over to the “What we offer” page


Full upfront payment is required for Courses and Packages. 30% Deposit secures your booking.

Payment options:

  1. Full upfront payment
  2. Payment plan over 2 months or 3 months at a set interest rate

We do have regular Specials that may apply to the package you are interested in. See if any of our Current Specials apply to you?

SPECIAL NOTE regarding children:

No children under 13 yrs of age are allowed during training. Children over 13 yrs of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Our Private Lessons (at either your home OR at one of our venues) are recommended for parents wanting to have their under 13-year-olds learn some dog skills!

No sudden arrivals at our venues. The booking process must be completed. No refunds.

Terms and Conditions apply and bookings are subject to approval.

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