Booking requirements

Are you considering enrolling with GoodPet for the first time? Not sure what is required?

Here is a quick outline of what will be required:

Our booking process is straightforward: you send the *required documents, we verify that everything is up to date and according to the specifications listed in our Booking Form, and then we start a life-long journey with you and your dog


To ensure the health and safety of all dogs in our classes we require proof of De-worming, Flea AND Tick treatment along with your completed booking form and full Vet Book Copy.

*Paperwork required:

a) Completed Booking Form (request via email)
b) Proof Of Payment Of Deposit
c) Your Dog’s Full Vet Book Copy:
• ALL PAGES incl. the Front Page,
• with Vet Details,
• Microchip Details, etc
• PLUS Inoculation page / s
• PLUS Sterilisation page.
d) Receipt for flea AND tick treatment
e) Receipt for de-worming

For Private Lessons or Behaviour Consults, vet book copies and parasite treatment receipts are required for all animals on the property.


Full upfront payment is required for Courses and Packages. 30% Deposit secures your booking.

Payment options:

  1. Full upfront payment
  2. Payment plan over 2 months or 3 months

SPECIAL NOTE regarding children:

No children under 13 yrs of age are allowed during training. Children over 13 yrs of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Our Private Lessons (at either your home OR at one of our venues) are recommended for parents wanting to have their under 13-year-olds learn some dog skills!

No sudden arrivals at our venues. The booking process must be completed.

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