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Animal behaviourists agree with landmark court ruling: ‘Owners are liable for harm caused by dogs’

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The Sunday Tribune, Page 3, 20 Septemeber 2020

A Supreme Court of Appeal landmark ruling last week confirmed that…

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Photo of parents with baby and dog“Introducing your baby to the family pet”, as published in Living & Loving Magazine.

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UPDATED sound file

Mari Borain regarding Dog Attacks, on “The Buzz” – Channel Islam International’s daytime talk show with Sabera Sheik Essop.

Sabera Sheik Essop (Channel Islam International) & Mari Borain (GoodPet)

Following a number of recent dog attacks, Mari was approached to discuss this with the public and help bring awareness regarding, among other: the law, responsible ownership, and safety precautions.
The live broadcast was aired on Tuesday, 3 May, 2016 at 4:30pm
KZN has seen an alarming number of Pit Bull attacks Apologies! CII had lost some of their podcasts and the one of Mari’s show was never retrieved. The only recording we have is a home recording by Adéle J Kruger.

Thank you, Adéle for uploading it to Soundcloud so that we can share it here!

Weekend Breakfast Show Talk Radio 702 & 567 Cape Talk Petcare segment:

Africa Melane and Mari Borain chat:-
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Expert: Every dog needs training

newspaper article: experts talk about dog attack

 ONE woman was killed and two people hurt in three separate pitbull attacks in KwaZulu-Natal recently.
Mpho Mokeona from Pietermaritzburg was mauled to death by her own dogs on Monday. Shaik Adams Hoosen, a Durban grandfather was attacked last weekend by his neighbour’s dogs, while on Friday an elderly man from Pietermaritzburg was also attacked.The Sunday Tribune spoke to animal behavioural experts, for advice on how to prevent them: MARI BORAIN

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Dog attacks: who is to blame?

Mari borain with young Rottweiler
Mari Borain believes every dog should be assessed by a professional, no matter what age or size.

Read the article: North Coast Courier – Dog attacks: who is to blame?

Pooches and parties

photo of a dog among party balloons
Pooches and parties: some tips for parents

Screaming children, balloons and sugar highs are par for the course at children’s parties. “Although it’s a family affair, exercise caution when it comes to including your pets,” says puppy trainer Bronwyn Vickery. Children’s parties are the stuff weekends are made of for many parents. Ferrying small children to birthday parties and playdates…

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Cramped cats get streessed

newspaper article cramped cats get stressed
Independent on Saturday – 3 August 2013 (KZN) “Check out GoodPet’s quote in Independent on Saturday, page 11, “Cramped cats get stressed”. Arthi Sanpath has written a good article on cats with too little space! — with Mari Borain.

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