We love to hear from you, so please tell us what you think. This month we would love to have a better understanding of your preferred media channels. You will notice that we have 4 options to select for various media. You can select as many boxes as you want!

So, let’s run through a few examples to help you choose the best answers:

Example 1 If your best form of communication is Email, no matter what the circumstances or the content (because you are a 🏆 champion email manager), then you select Email + Best.

Example 2 If you you prefer Facebook posts highlighting any specials or promotions AND you need an SMS notification to alert you when there is something time sensitive, then you would select Facebook + Best AND SMS + If it IS time-sensitive.

Example 3 If you prefer WhatsApp updates (we can send pdf, image, or text), then you would select  WhatsApp + Best AND SMS + If it IS time-sensitive.

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