Pet Behaviour Consultations

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GoodPet's statement regarding dog training offered in a and around Durban area during the covid-19 pandemic
GoodPet pet consultations for dogs, cats, and birds

Available for all Companion Animals

Behavioural issues can be anything from – but not limited to –

All types of Aggression;

Seperation Anxiety Disorders;

General Anxiety Disorders;

Stress Related Issues;

Resource Guarding & Territorial problems;

Phobias or Fears;


Obesessive Compulsive disorders;

Inappropriate Elimination (Dogs or Cats);

Feather plucking / Screeching / Pacing / Biting in Birds;

The list goes on!

GoodPet helps your dogs and cats and birds with behaviour problems

Your Consult will include:

A full history is taken and behavioural issues assessed and addressed.
Problems will be evaluated according to the context of the pet’s environment, other pets,, and people within the home, and the circumstances in which the problem occurred.

Click/Tap to enlargeWhereafter, a Behaviour Modification Plan will be implemented.

Follow up appointments are necessary in order to check on your progress or adjust your pet’s behaviour management plan. In most cases, 1 – 2 follow-ups are sufficient.

Telephonic Animal Behaviour Consults

Avoid risking social interactions due to the #coronavirus Call GoodPet now to book your pet consultation

BOOK a 45-60 Minute Behaviour Consult CALL and discuss your pet’s behaviour problem. You will still get quality professional guidance.

If the situation requires the Animal Behaviourist’s presence to help with specifics, either pertaining to the pet or the environment, this will be communicated.

For the telephonic pet consultation, you need only complete the booking 48 hours prior to the appointment.

See our Booking Requirements

Book NOW! Request your Booking Form and/or more information via email – Quote your reference GOOD-BC: Behaviour Consult More Info request in your email SUBJECT and please send your questions. Please stipulate if you are enquiring about Telephonic Behaviour Consults.

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