About us

GoodPet is a private company specialising in the behavioural aspects and training of your domestic pets.

It is run by a Qualified Animal Behaviourist with links to:
• the Ethology* Academy  (* ethology – the scientific study of animal behaviour)
• the South African Board for Companion Animal Professionals

GoodPet’s emphasis is on developing relationships between animals and their humans, who are taught to interact with their pets at all levels, from education to recreation. GoodPet adopts a holistic approach and the company works closely with recognised experts in the field who are committed to gaining and sharing scientific and practical knowledge. A particular interest is the link between human psychology and animal behaviour, and how a deeper understanding of both will help to promote positive human-animal interaction.
Positive reinforcement and motivational training methods are used exclusively to empower animals and their people.

Examples of this are:
Clicker Training – a respectful, scientific and yet fun method of training any animal. It uses a positive approach by rewarding required behaviours.
TTouch™ – a gentle method of bodywork and movement exercises that positively influences behaviour, performance, and well-being, and increases communication skills.

All trainers and behaviourists who work under the GoodPet umbrella are duly qualified and holds to the high ethical- and training standards required, meaning you and your dog are not only in safe hands, but also have the best at your disposal!



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